2011 Hot Rod Power Tour in 3 minutes

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Shot with a GoPro Hero HD

2011 SEMA Show on record pace!

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Great insight on the 2011 SEMA Show by Peter MacGillivray. Make plans now to be there!

Almost there!

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Final day! Hello Detroit!

Live from Muskegon!

Joe and David Ragan, #6 UPS Car Driver

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Next Stop: Nashville

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More photos and adventures from Joe on the Hot Rod Power Tour!

Live on Broadway in Nashville, TN! LP Field worked out well. David Ragan, UPS Car 6 will be on hand at the UPS booth in Indy!

Scott from KC our Pioneer Muscle Car Ambassador for Day 4 in Nashville, TN. '70 Dodge Challenger.

This TOUR ain't all fun and games. Check us out at Coin Op Express (not!) in Nashville.

Phil from Vernon, MI will be a hit with his F body, 5th Gen Club when he gets back outfitted with a Pioneer audio system!

Ken, Joe and Shane from Mothers in Nashville having BBQ @ Jacks!

Almost Arrested in Alabama!

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Going 75 in 55 was supposed to result in mandatory arrest and bail out in Alabama but the cop let Joe go “cause I seemed like a nice guy.” No points. Just a cash penalty for $200 bucks. Joe tipped another $100 (in his typical fashion), did a burn out and took off. Good bye Montgomery, Alabama … hello Nashville!

A few photos of Joe on the Hot Rod Power Tour!

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Joe's Custom UPS Hot Rod Van!


And that's how we do it for our MMI clients!


David Freiburger's Roadrunner vaporized a spark plug on day 1!

Our own UFC Fighter … sort of

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Joe took some time out of his crazy schedule to hang with and watch his hometown boy Matt Hamill at the recent UFC 130 in Las Vegas. Joe and Matt’s boxing trainer Tim are old friends from Utica, NY. Matt didn’t win the fight but add another UFC attendance to Joe’s list.

2011 SEMA Show off to an amazing start!

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The 2011 SEMA Show is “Shattering Records” according to the mastermind behind the SEMA Show and our client, Peter MacGillivray! In his email, the “total number of exhibitors is up 16% and square footage will be over 800,000 square feet by June 1″ as well as “buyer registrations are up 54%, more than twice the number registered this same time last year – with nearly 1,000 people who didn’t even attend in 2010.”

You can read his full email and register to attend here!. Let’s go!

Keeping up with technology and other news for MOTOR MEDIA

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It’s looking to be a busy June for us. Joe will be on the first full Hot Rod Power Tour journey since his days as the VP of Events back at Primedia aka now Source Interlink Media producing the Pioneer Muscle Car Ambassador promotion while I’ll be spending 2 weeks in Las Vegas for the 2011 SEMA Show booth selections. No doubt Joe will have some cool news and pictures from the HRPT and I hope I don’t go broke in Vegas! Check out a little video from the HRPT last year below.

On the technolog front …

Despite being a small business, we deal with mass volumes of data and files in our quest to sell and service our sponsors and advertisers. Our Lacie NAS (network attached storage) took a power dump not too long ago and has been running on a hacked power supply I “frankensteined” together. Before it got really ugly I finally settled on storage solution bys signing up with Egnyte.

Since I’m a fanboy of cloud computing (our office is powered by Google Apps), Egnyte was a great choice. Box.net and Dropbox are good options but didn’t quite have the punch that Egnyte offered with their “hybrid” cloud features. We’re only a couple of days into using it but so far so good since Joe hasn’t fired me yet! Anyhow, you can check it out for yourself in the video below and drop me a line if I can help out or maybe even learn something from you!